Monday , June 26 2017
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Urgent Warning! Emboldened By Paris Attacks Muslims World Wide Doing This!

muslim beats singing man

The total pussification of Western culture is complete. The sick, twisted ideology known as Islam, which is NOT a religion, rather, a political agenda disguised as a religion, because the cunning leaders of that movement know the West is too politically correct to come even close to offending a religion, has taken over the free world. We need look no further than the still ongoing attacks in Paris that have left nearly 200 dead as of recent count, and where hundreds of law abiding citizens are being held captive by the Muslim devils.

Feeling emboldened by this large world stage victory for Islam, Muslims around the world are acting out in their true nature. From Australia comes this story of two Muslims overhearing a man singing to his wife on his cell phone. The Muslims decided to approach the man and tell him to stop signing, because it went against their cultish beliefs. The man, knowing he was doing nothing wrong, continued singing. It was then that the Muslims who’d approached him pulled out knives and began stabbing him, eventually leaving him for dead. The man did die from the wounds he received from the Muslims for having the audacity to sing to his wife on his cell phone.

Interestingly, the two Muslims who attacked this Australian native were “refugees” from Afghanistan.

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