Victims Of 1000-Muslim Gang Rape Drop Bombshell On What Police Are Hiding –
Wednesday , August 16 2017
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Victims Of 1000-Muslim Gang Rape Drop Bombshell On What Police Are Hiding

victims of 1000 muslims rape

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has taken the same attitude as the Hussein Obama administration in regard to all things Muslim. As “refugees” from Arab nations reek complete havoc on the citizens of Germany, Merkel’s main objective is to protect the public image of Islam. She’s done this by censoring the media, including social media sites like Facebook, and has outlawed the use of the word “Muslim.”

On New Years Eve, over 1000 Muslim men, who Merkel demands must be referred to as “Arab” or “North African” in appearance, raped more than 1000 German girls and women while they were out ringing in the New Year, and Merkel is bound and determined to keep this all under wraps. However, some very brave victims have come forward to tell the world the truth about the nightmare of the Muslim invasion going on in Germany.

1000 muslims rape victim 2

One young lady, 18-year-old Michelle, below, has come forward to specifically warn her fellow Germans about the fact that in the cities where the “refugees” have set up camp, the inner cities have become all but Muslim “no go zones,” and that if you are to travel through these areas, be prepared for the worst, especially if you are a young female, the case in which, you should be prepared to be raped.

1000 muslim rape 3

Another girl, speaking on condition of anonymity, has this to say about that horrible New Year’s night of Muslim gang raping:

“We were completely in panic, hands were touching us all over,” two schoolgirls, aged 16 and 17, were also quoted as saying. “When you pushed one hand away, there was another one suddenly back on the same place. They were grabbing us on our breasts, crotch, and backsides.”

What are you thoughts on the Muslim invasion of the West and the negative effects it’s having on our citizens? Especially our young female citizens? Let us know on our Cool To Be Conservative Facebook page by clicking on this blue sentence. 


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