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Wednesday , August 23 2017
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(Video) Bikini Paintball- Putting The Sexy In Fun!

bikini paintball 2

There’s just something about bikinis that makes paintball even more fun to watch!

bikini paintball

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  • Bill Oakley

    The fact that you collect food stamps doesn’t make you a freeloader

    • bob

      The biggest percentage of the people are lazy freeloaders. For those who need help we should help them. For freeloaders drug test them randomly and force them to get a job.

  • franxalot

    Always liked the ones with 2 carts. Groceries, including live lobster and steak in the EBT cart. Cigarettes and alcohol paid for in cash. The best of both worlds??

  • Roger Coke

    The skinny kid probably got sent to the office for defending himself! Libtard logic???