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[VIDEO] Small Boy Beaten By Muslim Migrants, Ends With Mother’s Rage

mom rage

The Muslim invasion of Europe continues to take its toll. Women from Germany to Norway and everywhere in between are being raped and beaten and told my their liberal, lilly-footed Governments that it’s their own fault for going into areas they have no business going into.

Recently in Germany, a nine year old little boy was playing soccer when he was set upon and beaten by a group of 14 to 17 year old Muslim thugs. The boy suffered severe facial injuries after being choked and punched.

The boy’s father went to the home of the Muslim scum who beat his son, and one of the boys simply yelled for his father to shoot the man dead.

The couple went to the police and they were told their report ‘wouldn’t make it very far.’ Hence, the mother of the little boy has taken to YouTube to spread the warning about the Muslim scum that has taken over Germany and much of the rest of Europe.

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