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Wednesday , August 16 2017
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(Video) There’s A Reason Very Few People Visit This Island

giant bat

There’s a remote island in the South Pacific that is one of the most dangerous islands in the world. Most embassies from Western nations warn their citizens that if they MUST visit the tiny, third world peasant country the island is found in, to avoid going to this island.

The island we’re talking about is the island of Mindanao in the Southern Philippines. Staying in Manila, the nation’s capital, is bad enough, as white foreigners are viewed as little more than money and nearly anyone you come into contact with will try to scam you out of it in one way or another. It starts as soon as you land at the airport, where cab drivers attempt to find tourists visiting The Philippines for the first time so that they can charge them up to ten times the going rate in cab far. And don’t expect any help from the locals. They’ll sit back and watch in entertainment and tell you, “it’s okay. You’re already rich,” should you protest.

But Mindanao, however, is even worse. Not only are the locals less educated and more heinous in their treatment toward anyone different than them (this is the island boxing legend and world renowned homophobe Manny Pacquio is from, if that gives you any indication), but it is also riddled with Muslim terrorists and HUGE, man sized giant bats that have been said to carry away small children at night.

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