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Wednesday , August 16 2017
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contact vs no contact fighting

There are Zen masters, and then there are Zen idiots. One such Zen idiot thought that his super secret Zen ninja powers were so totally awesome that he could defeat his opponent with his mind and by using the synergies of the Universe.

In this video, our idiotic Zen master challenges his opponent to a contact vs. no-contact fight. His opponent could beat the crap out of him, physically, and the super squirrel Zen ninja would use his magic to defeat him. Or so he thought. As you’ll be able to tell from watching the video, things didn’t work out quite like he’d hoped. Maybe it’s time for him to go back to playing Pokemon in his mamma’s basement.

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  • Larry Hanson

    Now that’s just about what I’d say Satan looks like,…he even has that “intense hatred” look in his eyes. But this shouldn’t surprise anyone, Obama and Hillary are bringing in Muslim immigrants by the tens of thousands! What can we do about it? At this point, it’s already too late to do anything to stop it. Best just hunker down, lock and load, and hope for the best. Still think it was a good idea to elect a man with a name like Barack Hussein Obama to be president of a what used to be a Christian country? Please, all of those who voted for this traitor in the last 2 elections,…do the country a favor and stay home on election day this year.

  • Ucky Muky

    America is just about gone now, People did not pay attention, about the only real right you have now is ( the right to remain silent )

  • GrnBeretVet

    Statement from the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States of America; “Ultimately we (Muslims) can never be full “Loyal” citizens of America because there is no way we (Muslims) can be fully committed to their Constitution, institutions and ideologies brought on by Christianity. Destroying the western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and by the hands of our believers (Muslim) so that it is eliminated and god’s religion (Islam) is victorious over all other religions.
    We must establish a beachhead in the United States with the eventual goal of watching the United States crumble from within establishing a global Islamic State. There is Jihad, the primary Jihad according to the Qu’ran, is the Jihad with the word. But then there is the true meaning of Jihad in the sense of violence, there is no doubt about the true meaning of Jihad, Islam is not a “Pacifist” religion, Islam is a realistic religion. The only obligation Muslims have living in the United States is da’wa. Because Muslims are paying taxes, these taxes are going to killing people, Muslims. The end goal of everything Muslims talk about is the re-establishment of the Islamic form of government within an infidel nation such as the United States.
    Covertly penetrating and sabotaging the United States from within depends greatly upon how we (Muslims) use propaganda as a means for their destruction. The American news media is very gullible and Muslims must utilize any media source and take advantage of it for propaganda purposes. Muslims must utilize and deception necessary to win over the populace and convince them that Islam is being demonized. Muslims must remember no power is gained unless through Cultural rule. Muslims must spread their culture slowly and effectively among the public, by means of “Education” and the media everywhere, only then can we gain political rule.
    Islamic Centers must assign scholarships and give scholarships to five (5) students every year. Imagine if they do it nationwide; five years from now we (Muslims) will have an army of Lawyers, Politicians, and Journalists and of Teachers (Educators) who teach at universities and all other levels of school, who can educate people about Islam and conveniently elevate Islam covertly above the American educational level in which we are now experiencing. Muslims must utilize “Exploitation” methods to use the American system, the system Muslims deplore, using their Constitution, Democracy, rule of law and their tolerance to our advantage. Muslims must exploit their message; protect themselves to create a façade. False accusations are reliable ammunition against critics and must be used to silence them. Muslims must seek assistance from the United States liberals, progressives and any others who want to prove their so called humanity to the world thereby demonizing those who clearly see Islam for what it truly is and establishing a valuable asset to Islam.