Wednesday , July 26 2017
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WARNING! Do NOT Open This If You Can’t Deal With Inappropriate Humor!

muslim girl band 2

I just saw this buried deep in a Facebook post, and I had to share it!

I must give you fair warning though, and every opportunity to turn away. It is VERY inappropriate humor!

We must bury the image down deep in this article, or the P.C. police bots at Facebook will suspend our page, and no, that is not a joke or a gimmick.

Are you still scrolling? Do you really think your skin is thick enough not to be offended?

Once you see it, you’ll have to ask yourself what this girl band thought they could expect when they posted this. I mean, they are in ‘Merika!

Okay, here’s your last chance to turn and run.


You really want to see it?





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muslim girl band


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  • luvbach1

    What happened to the people who were on that “no plane?” None of then were ever seen again.Just a little technicality you “inside job” people always ignore.

    • Laura

      It’s easy for the govt to create new persona’s! The penalty,after all,for outting them is DEATH! Would you speak up against the “machine”?-I don’t think so!

    • Poptoy1949

      Yes what happened to them. There should have been bodies but no bodies? I wonder why not? Maybe there was never a plane to begin with…..but if there was not what happened to the so called hijacked plane and it’s passengers? Whomever came up with this plot has a lot to answer for.

  • Turky Tom

    Sheets of metal that are tenths of an inch thick hitting multiple granite walls (The pentagon is SOLID), at hundreds of miles an hour are not going to leave a lot of evidence behind.