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Wednesday , August 23 2017
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(Watch) Anonymous Hackers Just Handed Hillary Her Ass!


WikiLeaks has done well in exposing Crooked Hillary’s true ways over the past couple of weeks with all of their dumps, but it turns out it is the hackers at Anonymous who’ve found out something we’ve all been curious about.

No one could understand why Crooked Hillary continued to lead in the polls, when anyone can see that Donald Trump has tens of thousands of fans showing up to his rallies, while Crooked Hillary can’t even pack a high school gymnasium.


Well, it turns out that she’s leading in the polls because she’s paying mainstream media outlets to rig the polls to make it appear that way, this, according to Anonymous.

You see. If she can convince everyone that she’s way ahead, then many people will become discouraged and they will not even go out to vote for Trump, seeing it as being useless.

Don’t believe it!

Go out on election day and vote for Donald Trump. Let’s all make America great again!

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  • Dennis OKeefe

    i knew it… that “Killery” we saw yesterday was a body double. i knew she didn’t look like the real killery and this makes sense….