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Friday , August 18 2017
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(Watch) Black Lives Matter Warns Of Coming Race War

blm warns of race war

No President, in the history of our great nation, has been more divisive than B. Hussein Obama. He has done everything from arming our enemies, ISIS, in the Middle East, to arming drug cartels in Mexico, and allowing more illegal immigrants to invade our country to rape, beat, maim and murder our citizens.

But using foreign groups and interests to destroy America just wasn’t enough for B. Hussein Obama. He has had to destroy America from the inside out, and he’s done that by being such a race-baiter that he’s put the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to shame.

Near daily we see brave, heroic police officers killed in the line of duty, protecting our streets and neighborhoods from thuggery. Yet we NEVER hear B. Hussein Obama speak out for the fallen. However, when a thug is killed by a police officer, while in the commission of a crime, B. Hussein Obama is the first to decry racism.

Watch, in this terrifying video, as a black lives matter terrorist group member threatens the upcoming race war in America. Little does she know, it’s already here.

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