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(Watch) God Just Sent A Very Clear Message Of Who To Vote For From Above!


Mine eyes have seen the glory…

A lot of people have been saying that Trump is a Godsend, and they’re not exaggerating. They honestly believe that God has tapped Donald J. Trump to lead our great nation in these turbulent times.

Very strange things have been happening around Trump that can’t be explained through typical means. There’s the story about the clouds forming in his image before and after he speaks to large crowds in public (see full story here). And then there’s the mysterious lightning strikes that often hit his plane, like in the picture above, and his towers, yet which always leaves him and his staff unscathed.

On the night that Donald Trump won the Republican primary election, God sent bolt after bolt of lightning to his tower in Chicago, and you can actually see it for yourself in the video below.

One thing’s for sure. America is in need of a Godsend at this time, and let’s all pray to God that Donald J. Trump is that Godsend.


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