Wednesday , July 26 2017
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(Watch) How Russian Police Deal With Muslim Immigrants

russian police immigrants

While the world laughs at U.S. President Hussein Obama for how he coddles those who wish to destroy his country and her people, they applaud Russia’s President Putin for how he takes the opposite approach and protects his people from the Muslim invasion and continues to take the fight to the Jihadists in Syria.

Europe is getting all but raped and murdered to death by these third world peasant mongrels, yet most European nations continue to grant them amnesty and extend them welfare benefits that would make any hood rat in the ghettos of America feel as if they’d won the lottery.

Putin isn’t coddling, and he sets the example for the rest of the world to follow.

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  • Hewhowaits

    Well this should finish off New Orleans.

  • Edward Newman

    from there they will migrate UNCHECKED all over the country

  • Burt Craig

    Where are the old, women, and children?????

  • Mark Russell

    If there are too many to check thoroughly, there are too many being allowed to enter. it’s that simple

  • Poptoy1949

    Send them to Boston instead.

  • Gene Goodman

    If they didn’t bring their wives and children here, now they will want to have American wives and then turn them to Muslim religion. Now do you see where this is going? What is it gonna look like in 20 years?

  • nestor hernandez

    This jackass president is getting all of us killed Obama is a disgrace to this country

  • Dennis Ray Wall

    If you really want to know what these scum of the earth Democrats are doing. Watch this video! There has been 28,957 Muslim Refugees Admitted into U.S. Since October 2015!
    Obama & Hillary want what is happening in Britain to happen here! This is the most important video you can watch about the problem!
    Watch this video!

  • monalee

    bringing ISIS to America on the TAXPAYERS money.

  • 3dmike

    Only young men, where are the women and children ?

  • AsleepNoMore

    Did we run anywhere during our Civil War? No, we stayed and fought. Why aren’t they fighting for their countries?

  • Herbert Reed

    no woman or kids looks like an army ,the enemy from within

  • durrmoment

    Save this picture so that you can label the ones that turn out to be terrorists.

  • Herbert Reed

    they should stay and fight, this is an invasion, our politicians need to wake up these are not people that need help ,there here for one reason to cause problems,this is America we will not be controlled by these people .time will tell

  • Ralph


  • Allen E Carter

    Kill the bastards before they kill us, just that simple! Feed them to the gators