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Wednesday , August 23 2017
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(Watch) Locals Awaken To Recurring Visitor

ufo baguio

A strange visitor has made several early morning appearances in a remote, mountain village on an island in the South Pacific over the past few years, and it recently returned for another visit.

Filipino peasants and foreign national tourists alike have claimed to see a UFO in Baguio City, Philippines over the last several years. The video below was shot in April of last year, though just about a month ago, perhaps the clearest image of this strange visitor yet, above, was taken by a Malaysian woman who’d traveled to the islands with her husband for a vacation.

Many believe the visitors like the area due to its isolation from the modern world. Few people who could explain it would ever witness it, and the locals write off just about anything they don’t understand to myths, superstition or urban legends, as third world peasants the world over do, so no one would take their claimed sightings seriously.

What do you think? Is it real? Or just an elaborate hoax?

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