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[WATCH] Naked Cheer Mom, Busted in Car with 17yo She met at a Highschool Football Game

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A 42 year old married mother of three, Iris Gibney, has been caught having a sexual relationship with a seventeen year old male child. Mrs. Gibney, dubbed the Victoria’s Secret sex mom, because she works for the company of that name and she’s not too bad to look at, was caught performing oral sex on the boy in a car in the parking lot of a soccer game at a high school in Pennsylvania.

Mrs. Gibney is out on a $50,000 non-secured bond, pending several charges, which include trespassing, illegal parking, and performing a sex act on an underage child.

Gibney met the boy at a football game earlier in the school year, where she was volunteering as a cheer mom for her daughter’s cheer team. The name of the high school is being withheld to protect its image.

Had a 42 year old married father of three been caught doing the same thing with a seventeen year old girl, no doubt he would not have been released on bond, and they’d be calling for his execution. But due to the double standards in regard to all things sex in America, this disgusting slag will likely never see a day in jail, and her child victim, who will likely never form a healthy bond with a female after this will be hailed as “lucky.” And people wonder why they laugh at us in the rest of the world.

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