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(Watch) Smoking Hot Florida Teacher Facing JAIL TIME Over THESE Images!

hot Florida teacher

So many public school teachers have been getting in trouble in the past few years for having sex with students- and it’s been mostly female teachers, mostly as in nearly 90%- the experts actually did a study to find out just what in the hell was going on. Their findings were a little shocking, in that they found the rate of sex between public school teachers and their students in America has NOT risen in modern times. The difference is that with social media, they are simply getting caught more. Ten years ago, the incidences passed via word of mouth and were written of as pure rumor. Today, those “rumors” are posted on social media sites, like Facebook, leaving solid evidence for investigators to pursue.

Another reason more teachers are getting busted in modern times is because they are leaving trails of evidence themselves, with texts and IM’s, and in the case of the smoking hot teacher above, Dionne Younce, who taught Gym at Nease High School in St. John’s County, Florida, they send even more incriminating evidence, such as nude or mostly nude images, in an act that has become known as “sexting.”

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