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(Watch) Trump Just Made Cruz Cry Like A Little Bi*ch! This Is Hilarious!

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For some reason that I cannot understand, American culture has become somewhat warped in regard to beauty over the last few years. All I can think, is that people have become so skin thinned, that people who may need to lose a few pounds are being given sensitivity passes by the media outlets and machines of pop culture trying to convince us that obesity is beautiful. They seem to be ignoring the simple facts, such as obesity is extremely unhealthy- it is a major health issue and contributes to the leading cause of premature death in America, heart disease- and frankly, that it simply is NOT beautiful.

While posting images of beautiful, young, sexy women in bikinis on social media sites such as Facebook is one of the quickest ways to draw a suspension or a ban, posting images of obese women in similar outfits is one of the quickest ways to be considered an ‘open minded hero.’

Give me a freaking break!

Lying Ted Cruz recently won the Republican Primary in Utah, and one of the most disgusting attack ads he used against Trump was one that ‘slut shamed’ his beautiful wife, former world class model, Melania Trump. However, as you’ll see in the video below, Cruz couldn’t take it when his wife’s physical appearance was called into question, via the image in the Tweet used at the top of this story.

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