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Friday , August 18 2017
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(Watch) You’ll Be Scrapping Your Vacation Plans To Go Here Instead!

floating house

OMG! The most amazing vacation home of all time has now become a reality! Can you imagine? Living upstairs and having a 360 degree view of the water? Then going downstairs and having a 360 degree view of the ocean… underwater!?!?

This is the experience you’ll find waiting for you in Dubai, with their new “Floating Seahorses” villas. Guests get to stay in small homes that are built onto boats and enjoy the sea on the first floor, then go downstairs and look out through glass walls straight into the ocean.

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  • steve

    what the fuck is wrong with these people? I mean really, and most people want to ignore the FACT that osama bin obama is one of them!

  • Larry Nicholas

    god dam animals, there is no peaceful coexistance with islam

  • Mark Williams

    And you want to let more of these roaches in here .. Islam is a cult,, get used to saying it to help chanhe the perception.. Islam is a CULT !!!

  • Margaret McGuire

    She should have drowned her father. Muslin law is backwards and barbaric

  • James1vc

    There exists two vile and evil things that control humankind , religion and politics , not necessarily in that order…..

  • Elaine Dean Smith

    Hope they all rot in hell… Sick bastards…

  • sherry8260

    I can’t get my head wrapped around this…if it’s an honor killing and the point of an honor killing is to keep everyone from knowing what happened, why didn’t she kill the child molester and bury him in the backyard? Why did she have to kill an innocent baby, her own flesh? Wtf? These people all must be inbreeders or something…there aren’t any of them right in head. What happened to the mother and her nasty ass father?? Nothing??