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(Watch) You’ll Cry When You See Why Her Opponents Carried Her Around The Bases

softball player carried around bases

Let’s step away from the racial divides and Islamic fears and Obama is an evil Muslim and Trump is our Savior for just a minute to hear a story that will shed a little hope on humanity.

This footage is from a college softball game a couple of years back. The details are played across the screen of the video as the tale unfolds, but basically, this girl hit her first and only home run during the game. However, after clearing first base, she pulled a tendon that would go on to end her career.

She couldn’t stand and walk, let alone run, and the umpires declared that if any of her teammates assisted her, she would be declared out. If she could not proceed past first base, the hit would be counted as a single.

Two other girls from the opposing team picked this young lady up and carried her around all the bases, allowing her to reach down and touch each base with a foot, so that her home run would count.

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