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We Just Learned Who Attacked Trump! This Explains EVERYTHING!

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Donald Trump was attacked at a recent rally by a “protester.” Well, we figured out who this man is, and he’s more than just a protester. He is nothing short of a homegrown terrorist!

His name is Tom Dimassimo  and he is 32 years old. He touts himself as a professional protester for hire, and he’s featured in the video below where he’s burning and stomping on an American flag.

What’s any different between this guy and Timothy McVeigh? A truck bomb, you say? Well, how far into the future will it be before this idiot starts packing the fertilizer into the back of a box truck?

This guy needs to be jailed or deported, but he definitely does not belong in the U.S. He thinks we have problems? Let him go over to North Korea and hold a few protests and he’ll find out what problems are.

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