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When ‘The Knockout Game Goes’ Wrong… I Mean Really, REALLY WRONG! [WATCH]

game wrong

Not everyone is afraid, and it seems even senior citizens have begun fighting back in the war on all things civilized, being perpetrated by the thugs of America, a new generation of low class, entitlement minded heathen, who cannot function with civility in modern, Western society. They go around attacking people of Caucasian decent at random, but not everyone is going to take it.

Police in the U.S. caught footage of one little old lady being attacked by a gangsta thug, and she used her cane to beat the holy shi* out of him. The video of the little old lady beating the thug, from which the image above was taken, is so gruesome, we’re not even comfortable posting something so violent on this site. To see the video, click on this blue sentence to be taken to the cops’ Facebook page so you can view it there. 

Check out another pissed off Grandmother in the video below. She’s had enough of this Tomthuggery, and she does her part to put an end to it.

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