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When You See What They Found In Their Chili You’ll Never Eat At Wendy’s Again!


A couple claims to have found the thumb originally belonging to a child in their chili at Wendy’s. The couple, Mark and Julie Kavner, both 30, were eating their regular meal, a small fries, two burgers and a cup of chili, when they allegedly found the severed thumb. This supposedly happened at a Wendy’s location in South Dakota.

A spokesman for Wendy’s, Gerald Hawkins, says that there is no way that a severed thumb could have been found in their chili, especially the thumb of a child, because Wendy’s does not employ children. I guess Mr. Hawkins doesn’t realize that most of his food products come from China, where they very much do employee children, but I supposed he’d hoped we’d all conveniently ignore that fact.

Hawkins claims this chili thumb incident to be a hoax. He says Wendy’s has fallen prey to hoaxers with fingers in their chili in the past, and that they will prove this is a hoax as well. The Kavners say they were told by their lawyer not to say anything more about the issue until it goes to court.

chili finger lady

In 2005, Anna Ayala, above, was sentenced to prison for a similar hoax. She planted a finger in Wendy’s chili in an attempt to extort money from the company. They fought, and won, and Ayala went to prison. She served four years before being released in 2009 on good behavior. Hawkins is certain this is a similar scam.

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