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Whoopi Goldberg Possibly To Be FIRED From ‘The View’ After She Does THIS

whoopi sucks

We all know that Whoopi Goldberg is a huge supporter of the entitlement minded class. She feels people should be given things without working for them, and often (often, as in MOSTLY) based upon their skin tone and how people of that particular skin tone were treated hundreds of years ago.

It seems Whoopi, herself, is now trying to get $5 million without doing anything for it. You see, that’s the amount of money that Whoopi gets each year for being one of the liberal, socialist, garbage spewing hosts of the show “The View.” She’s said to be in her last year of her contract, and that if she renews next year, it will be for a significantly less amount of money.

So, being entitlement minded like she is, she is said to be intentionally pissing off management in the hopes that she gets fired. She wants to pursue other interests, but if she simply quits, she will not get her money. However, if the network terminates her contract, they have to pay her for the remaining period.

Whoopi has done EVERYTHING to entice her employers to fire her, from arguing with them offset, to making the most racist comments she can come up with while live on the air, when there is no filter to catch her, in the hopes of embarrassing the network enough that they’ll fire her.

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