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World-Renowned Blind Psychic Has CHILLING Prediction About Obama & 2016

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A world renowned blind psychic has predicted, with startling accuracy, many of the most tragic events of the last half century. She predicted the Muslim attacks on New York City and the Pentagon back in 2001. She also predicted the massive Tsunami which hit Indonesia only two years later. She’s even credited for predicting the “global warming” phenomena, and she did so way back in the 1950’s when people simply viewed weather as weather.

The 85 year old woman is named  Baba Vanga, and she is from Bulgaria. She’s made a prediction about Hussein Obama, the U.S., the year 2016 and Europe that is chilling should these predictions come true like so many of her past predictions have.

Basically, about Obama, she predicted his Presidency outright. She claimed years ago that the President of the U.S. in the year 2016 would be an African American male. However, the truly chilling part is that she also said in her prediction that this man would be the last President of the U.S.

As far as Europe goes, she’s predicted that European civilization will come to an end due to a massive invasion of Muslims who will change European life forever. She’s also predicted chemical weapons attacks on most of Europe.

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