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You Won’t Believe Trump’s Plan For Your Guns!!! The Truth Is Out!!!

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When most people are asked why they support Donald Trump, one of the most common answers is that because he says it like they feel.

The only problem is that much of what Trump says is very vague. Yes, he says he’s angry, and many Americans share in his anger. We’ve watched, as outsourcing has taken jobs from Americans and given them to third world peasants in Mexico, Columbia, China and the Philippines, none who are thankful, and who only demand that America give them more because it’s such a wealthy nation.

We’ve sat by and seen our elected officials bought and paid for like whores by large corporation’s lobbyists. We send these people to Washington to do our bidding, only to see them do the bidding of the corporations in exchange for a weekend outing on a yacht with some fine dining and wining and secret access to high priced hookers.

Trump recently came out with some specifics in regard to guns in America. America no doubt has a major gun violence problem, but the solution proposed by current President Hussein Obama, which calls for disarming the law abiding citizens who are NOT committing the crimes, is not one that goes over well with most Americans.

According to a recent article in the Washington Post, Trump plans to get rid of all concealed carry laws, allowing Americans to openly carry guns if they choose to do so, just like their second amendment rights calls for.

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