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You’ll Never Believe How Drunk Hillary Got After Getting SMASHED At The Debate! (PICS)


Crooked Hillary is no saint. I mean, no saint could lie that much and not get sent to the fire filled pits of hell, but it turns out there might be more to her bad ways that we thought. I mean, not that it could get much worse than having Americans killed in Benghazi out of sheer refusal to do her job in protecting them, or having people murdered when they’re set to testify against her. Or, oh, I don’t know, wiping away 33,000 emails after receiving a subpoena from the Congress.

 Anyway, it appears that Crooked Hillary Clinton is also a suffering alcoholic. Apparently, she enjoys getting drunk, often.

Jouranlist Ami Chozick was covering Crooked Hillary in 2008, when she ran unsuccessfully against B. Hussein Obama, the first Muslim President in history, and noted just how much Crooked Hillary loved to drink. The following image comes from online Tabloid Mad World News, which usually runs fake news stories, but we did do other research to make sure this one was true:


With her strong penchant for booze, and limited coping mechanisms due to her alcoholism, no doubt, Crooked Hillary went out and got SMASHED after getting SMASHED by Donald Trump in their most recent debate.

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  • NonYa Biz

    Doubt it…his secret service detail isn’t THAT good!

  • Ted Castor

    I honestly believe that if he were to try it then we would find ourselves living in The American Revolution Part II – The Legacy of The Forefathers. Why do you think they are trying to take our guns?

    • Sherry Pope

      I agree with you 200% here. American’s would have nothing to lose at this point. It’s hard to sit back and watch our Country being sold to foreign governments and their leaders……Its hard to watch our Country being taken over…..Our freedom being taken away by those we elected to protect us. We sit back not because we are cowards….we have HOPE of taking our Country back. If that hope is taken away…..what choice do we have?

  • bigbonedmutt

    Clinton is NOT ahead by any means. We all know the polls are cooked as more information is being released daily.
    If it wasn’t for the internet, could you imagine what kind of crap we as citizens would never know about?
    We used to have (and I think we still do) restraint of trade laws whereas no one person could own ALL of the TV networks or own all of the Newspapers or Radio Stations. But here we are. Most if not all of the mass media is controlled by a couple of people.
    We used to have laws regarding foreign investments to keep foreign countries from buying up companies that would affect that security of our nation. Those same laws regulated foreign countries from buying up massive amounts of property so they couldn’t just buy America and turn it into a territory.
    These laws are being ignored by the very people who are voted into office so they can profit from it!
    Republican or Democrat, it doesn’t matter, there’s an Ogilarchy in charge of our country that could give 2 shits less about any of us!
    They have sold our very souls to the Chinese or Communists or whoever.

    • Larry Hanson

      Best post I’ve read in a long time! Finally, someone else who realizes the threat our country is facing at this very moment. If Obama can get the blacks riled up enough to start a racial war, and he is most definitely trying to do just that with the Black Lives Matter movement, he will then declare Martial Law and call in the Chinese troops that are stationed just 15 miles over the border of Mexico in 12 Chinese military bases, along with several Chinese military bases just over the border in Canada,…an estimated total of over 1 MILLION Chinese troops! He WILL become dictator, and those who oppose will be rounded up and sent to Fema death camps that are already being set up in several southwestern states. Just Google “Chinese troops in Mexico and Canada” if you think this is all fiction or paranoia. We are on the cusp of a massive Chinese invasion, and Obama has set it all up. Why do you think he held that secret Summit Meeting a couple of months ago in California with several Asian leaders, AND, the President of China? Best wake up America,…your precious way of life is about to become a living HELL!

      • bigbonedmutt

        LOL 1Million? They might wanna get some help!

  • TuesdayMorning

    Read “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky, it it Obama’s and Hillary’s guidebook. (The book was dedicated to Satan.) To have a clear understanding go to:

  • blue_strat

    Trump fills arenas everywhere he goes. Hillary can barely fill a local donut shop. Yet somehow Clinton leads him in the polls? Allow me to call .. bullsh*t! A bubbling cauldron of pure, unadulterated, steaming hot, liberal with rino floating on top .. bullsh*t!

  • schmuck281

    Uhh, you do realize that Trump is heavily favored among the military. So he declares Martial Law?

    What do you think happens next?

    Do you think the 82nd Airborne is going to parachute into Washington DC?
    And what are they going to do when they get there, surround the Capitol or the White House?

    Actually, neither. Because it ain’t gonna happen.

    Although it may be difficult to ascertain sometimes, we do not live in Cuba, Venezuela or any other Banana Republic.

  • tire iron

    Does that little “community organizing” asswipe really imagine the Police and the National Guard would join his idiot ass in preventing a legitimately elected President taking the office he is elected to?

  • Joel Tompkins

    You are the worst president we have had in our history. you have broken several laws and threw disregard to out constitution and you have bypassed congress on several matter that required them to act on. You have ruined the military from the top down do to you being paranoid that they would do things behind your back. You are not even a us citizen I have seen your true bith certificate and heard you say you were born in Kenya . You do not have the right to stand in the way of this person if he wins this election. We will not stand for you being in the white house when your time is up you will be removed if need be!

  • Herbert Reed

    well he will be kicked out

  • Dianne

    Mr. Obama needs to be prosecuted for the various things he has done, and it has to happen before the elecltion. Mr. Trump is a capable human being and can run this country. He certainly will keep finances in check. He will be our next President. As far as Mrs. Clinton is concerned, she needs to give up and take care of her health problems.